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Premium Moss Growing Soil Mix *Terrarium Soil Mix* *House Plant Soil Mix* 2.2 lb

Premium Moss Growing Soil Mix *Terrarium Soil Mix* *House Plant Soil Mix* 2.2 lb

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Perfect moss soil mix, ideal for moss growing, creates a slightly acid environment, moss can better grasp the soil. And sufficient nutrition for bonsai, it dose not need fertilization.***

Our special soil mix for moss is a mixture with 7⃣️ different recipes and special nutrient powder. The soil is very clean, not mixed with any organic matter, and you do not need to worry that your soil will smell unpleasant or insects even after a long time of use. This type of professional soil mix will make your moss more tenacious with a higher survival rate.
Our special soil mix contains best hard quality Japanese Akadama. The Akadama soil is made of volcanic ash and is the most widely used cultivation medium in Japan; it contains high-permeability volcanic mud with dark red round particles, which has no harmful bacteria, and its pH is slightly acidic.
Our soil mix also contains special nutrient powders which will allow your moss to quickly adapt to your Terrarium environment, it also helps other plants in your Terrarium to reach a good state faster.
Our special soil for moss can also be used for root cutting plants directly, so you don't have to worry the plant you like does not come with the perfect size that fits your Terrarium. After the cuttings are planted, the plant can root quickly.
1. Spread the soil where you would like your moss to grow. Lightly press down the soil and smooth out.
2. Lay your moss out in pieces on top of the soil. Press it down firmly into place.
3. Water thoroughly.
4. Use the appropriate amount of light.

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Net weight: 950g
Note: Shipping to U.S. mainland only, Sorry for the inconvenience.
Due to the nature of our product, once the packet is opened, returns will not be accepted.

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