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Moss Glue

Moss Glue

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  1. It needs to shake for 5 seconds.
  2. Spray a layer of adhesive about 15-20 cm from the surface of the adhesive.
  3. After 30-40 seconds, stick the moss or other substrate tightly together and press for a few seconds.
  4. After use, please clean up the residual glue of the nozzle in time. The bottle can be upside down and sprayed for about 3 seconds, and the air in the bottle can be help sprayed.
  5. When the nozzle is blocked or unable to spray glue in cold weather, just put the bottle in a container of warm water at 35 °C for 3-5 seconds. (Glue sets when it gets cold)



This product has an antibacterial effect, effectively inhibits the formation of moss mold, and greatly reduces the incidence of low-level moss. The glue particles are uniform and appear translucent white after drying. It is a perfect solution to the construction site of moss mold in hardscaping and is related to foaming. Or coconut bran fits perfectly, greatly improving work efficiency.



  1. The adhesive substrate must be dry. If the adhesive substrate contains moisture and grease, it will affect the adhesion.
  2. You cannot stick it immediately after using the adhesive. You need to wait 30-40 seconds for the stickiness to develop before you can stick it (you can feel the stickiness with your hands)
  3. This product should not be stored near high temperatures above 48 degrees Celsius, nor near fire sources or exposed to sunlight.
  4. Ventilation is required when using this product. If there is contact with skin or eyes, please rinse with clean water in time. If discomfort persists, please seek medical treatment in time.
  5. Please place it out of the reach of children to avoid accidents.
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