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Live moss *Cushion moss cup *Jianzhan Tea cup *Mini Terrarium pot *Underglaze

Live moss *Cushion moss cup *Jianzhan Tea cup *Mini Terrarium pot *Underglaze

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***The beauty of the mysterious glaze of Jianzhan:

The glaze colors of Jian kiln are divided into two categories: black glaze and variegated glaze. The black glaze of the built kiln is sintered at a high temperature (1300 degrees) to reduce the elemental iron from the glaze and the tire. According to the temperature and atmosphere changes in the kiln, different patterns are produced. The production of this kind of pattern is unpredictable and difficult to grasp. The same glaze is used, but "one color in the kiln, colorful out of the kiln" is also the principle of "natural success" in the construction of a lamp. If you add different chemical substances, it will not be true. Meaningful construction.

***Special production materials for Jianzhan:

Clay mud selection: The raw ore soil near the Song Dynasty Jianyao kiln site (now Houjing Village, Shuiji Town, Jianyang City) is selected as the green mud, because of the high iron content, after firing, it presents the characteristics of "iron tire".

Glaze preparation: The original ore glaze stone used in the Song Dynasty kiln was selected as the basic raw material, supplemented with local red clay and plant ash, etc., ball milled into a slurry, and filtered for later use. Jianzhan introductory knowledge can be understood at a glance

The firing process of Jianzhan has to go through 13 processes including porcelain ore dressing, porcelain ore crushing, elutriation, batching, staleness, mud smelting, kneading, drawing, repairing, biscuiting, glazing, kiln loading, roasting, etc. .

To burn a good Jianzhan, the yield is very low, and sometimes it is possible to burn a kiln with all defective products. It can be said that it is one in a thousand, and the more perfect one is one in a thousand.

To make a beautiful and beautiful building, not only must grasp every aspect of the above, but also the temperature control is extremely important. So be kind to the cups in your hand, because these are the painstaking efforts of Master Burning.

***Measurement: width 9cm - 13cm height 4.5- 5.5cm

***Pre-made moss cup: Cushion moss, Jianzhan tea cup, moss soil, pot hole mesh pad,

****** Will be delivered with Randomly ******

***Disclaimer: No returns will be accepted. Exchanges will only be accepted when good was damaged by the time of delivery.

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